Ways to Try Tantric Massage at Home with your Partner

Tantric practices at home between couples can elicit profound body-to-body intimacy and a profound metamorphosis to the relationship. Tantric massage is not limited to the physical sphere of love. It aims to serve to unite partners on a deeper level, a spiritual and energetic level, hence, lovemaking becomes meaningful and grows into closeness and harmony. Here are some ways you can try tantric massage at home:

Set the mood

To ensure that there will be a tantric massage experience is all about finding the right ambiance. Dim the lights, take some candles and switch on soft, calm music to induce a tranquil mood. The scent can be made attractive by the lighting of incense or oils to add the sensory effects.


To start, let’s communicate with your partner at the very beginning of the massage to clarify your intentions and preferences. Bring up the frontiers and likes about you two people, and agree that you both are comfortable and consent to the experience.

Breathing exercises

Breath is often a major component of sexual encounters in the Tantric perspective. Partners practice deep breathing exercises as they strive to develop a deep connection to one another. Start with the two of you sitting together with facing each other and breathed in time. Deeply inhale through your nose, paying attention to your belly go out, except through the mouth. Make sure breathing in this rhythmic way stays constant throughout the massage in order to feel each other and focus on the present.

Eye gazing

This relaxation massage is going to be started by people sitting or lying down opposite each other; eye to eye contact being the first thing to do. Intimacy can be varied, eye gazing could as well help deepen your connection as well as creating a sense of intimacy before you even touch each other.

Sensual touch

A tantric massage aims to tickle the body gently for the long, smooth flow of energies transporting us to the chakras. Begin with some gentle touches that glide over your partners skin by using long and easy motions, making sure to pay attention to give them pleasure. Create the emotional atmosphere, through a soft-feather touch of the hands and a deeper pressing. This will help you to nurture the awakening of senses and the building of arousal.

Focus on the breath

During this massage, try steering them to concentrate on the breathing and dwell on each moment that has passed. Mention this to them and tell them to take deep slow breaths with the release of tension from the body concerning stress.

Chakra work

In ‘tantric philosophy’, the body is considered ‘to be comprised of seven essential energy centers ‘ or chakras as they are called. These are arranged from the buttocks to the crown of the head. As you measure your partner, in addition you can give attention to balancing the chakras using the imbalance. Initiate by setting focus on the base chakra at the tailbone then move slowly to the crown chakra at the top of the head using different methods of massaging each one.

Genital massage

However, tantric massage is done not only because of sexual pleasure, rather some tantric massage types can include genital massage as a form to have greater intimacy with your couple. Handle genital caressing with all appropriate care and respect, aiming at building rhythm and intimacy rather than getting to an orgasm per se. To maximize the chance of giving an orgasm combining a certain collection of different strokes and techniques while taking into account partner’s responses and making the adjustments you think are necessary is vital.


When the massage finishes into it, try to cut some time to snuggle and build together with him. If guardedness, hesitation, or any emotionally valuable experiences came up, share them along with the joy that came from feeling so close. Sharing with each other kind words and warm feelings will not only during sex but also afterwards, it will this bond and bring the distance between you together.

Practice self-care

Please be reminded that tantric massage is also centered on your self-care, which includes being able to give and receive pleasure. Alternatively, both of you can take turns being the one who gives and who receive the massage. And you ought to make time for self-care and self-love exercises both during and once the massage ends.

There is a possibility to have a sensual and memorable same-day-in-your-house by offering these ideas and tips for your partner. Recollect that we should maintain an open mind as well as a loving heart when we are at the practice and have the best sceneries and connections along with it while we experience the journey.