Keeping Pleasure Safe: A Guide to Using Adult Toys Responsibly

Adult toys can bring more happiness and pleasure into people’s intimate relationships. However, with the popularity of these products, quality and safety should be considered. Certain chemicals called phthalates are added to some plastic toys to make them soft and flexible.

Research shows phthalates may potentially cause health issues over time. Check packaging for phthalate-free indications or avoid toys containing materials like PVC and jelly rubber which tend to have phthalates. Pay attention to porosity too – pores in soft squishy toys can harbor bacteria even after cleaning.

A workaround is using a condom to create a smooth, clean surface. When buying, purchase from trusted retailers that vet products for safety and clearly provide care instructions on their websites. Their goal is for you to enjoy the toys risk-free.

Using Toys Together

Adult toys are great to use solo or with partners. If sharing, take precautions around cleanliness and sexually transmitted infections. Make sure to wash toys thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water after every single use, even between partners. And remember to use condoms if switching between anal and vaginal use to prevent bacterial transfer which could cause infections.

Storing Properly

After washing, let toys air dry completely before putting them away to prevent mold growth. For extra disinfecting of non-vibrating silicone toys, consider boiling or dishwasher cleaning. Just be sure you’re the one emptying the dishwasher afterwards! Proper maintenance and storage will keep toys clean and safe for next time.

Proper Storage: Keeping Adult Toys Clean and Safe

The most important rule for storing adult toys is to always keep them completely clean and dry. Putting away a dirty or wet toy allows mold, bacteria, and other nasties to grow, which can cause infections down the line. So what are some good storage solutions to keep your toys hygienic between uses? Read on for tips.

Bags: Simple and Portable

Basic drawstring bags made of breathable materials like cotton work perfectly fine. There are also special anti-bacterial sex toy pouches designed to inhibit bacteria growth. Bags offer flexibility to fit different shapes and sizes. They’re great for travel too! Just be sure any bag is fully cleaned between uses to avoid cross-contamination.

Boxes: More Space and Options

Plastic bins or specialized best male sex toy boxes allow secure storage for larger collections. Look for handy features like adjustable shelves, charging capability, locks, and coatings to reduce bacteria. Boxes keep toys separate unlike bags. So unless each toy is pre-bagged, don’t let different toys touch to prevent damage.

Unique Furniture Solutions

Some furniture serves double duty for discrete toy storage. Benches and ottomans with lids or internal compartments are suitable for oversized items like pillows. Shelving units and stackable bins also neatly organize expanding collections while keeping the fun hidden away. Shop around for what meets your needs and space best!

The Bottom Line

Bags, boxes, furniture – there are many options to stow toys. But above all, every storage method must keep toys 100% clean, dry and safe between all solo or partner play to prevent infections. Check bags and boxes regularly for any moisture and wash again if needed.