Taking Care of Your Sex Doll like A Live Person

One of the most impressive things about a sex figurine is that you can always try out variegated sexual techniques and positions, unlike an actual person. The specialty of such models is that they neither protest while having coitus with you nor do they lack creativity, unlike most people. Therefore, you should take good care of them in the following ways:

Enhance your pleasure

When you are about to use a real doll that looks like a live woman, you need to try every possible sexual position and enjoy yourself with her. Even if you are about to try a new position, you should support your sex model with pillows, blankets, and more so that it does not get damaged. In fact, you should also take care to prevent it from further damage by placing it in a special room where there is no possibility of any element damaging it.

Place in a cool room

Whichever may be the room in your house that is cool and does not allow sunlight to enter it, you must store your sex figurine over there. You must also clean it with a wet cloth dipped in some soap water so that it does not go bad. The place must also be dry and should not contain water, unlike your bathroom. If you would like to feel stimulated further, you can add lubricants to its private parts. However, you must remember not to make use of dangerous or even harsh chemicals since they can melt your sex figurine. 

Try using props

Not only do soft pillows but also sex toys can enhance the fun in your sexual experience. You can also add a few soft toys or even whipped cream to make the entire experience better. You must place the figurine in a dark room, such as your bedroom so that it does not catch people’s eyes either. Even the accessories that have accompanied the model must be regularly maintained and cleaned so that they can last longer. After cleaning up the set, make sure you dry it with a clean towel so that no damage is incurred to it.