How to Introduce your Spouse to Polygamy or Polyamorous Dating 


You are interested in asking your spouse whether they would be open to a polyamorous interaction, but you aren’t sure how.

Don’t you despise it when, after being in a monogamous marriage for a while, things start to become a little dull and you both feel trapped in a relationship that only one person can open? 

It might be difficult for some individuals to believe that their body, mind, and spirit should belong to only one person forever after the spark of attraction has faded. 

Some people might consider the emotions brought on by such restrictions to be perplexing. It is even more absurd. 

However, if you’ve already had romantic relationships with a number of different people, you understand what we’re talking about.

Read on if you’ve never been in one and are considering living a polyamorous lifestyle. If you have never been in a polyamorous relationship, do not worry as numerous polygamy dating sites would ensure that you meet the one suitable to your relationship needs. 

You may be confident that we’ll make every effort to provide you with sound relationship counsel. Let’s go into the specifics of posing the important question. 

  • Inform your lover of your appreciation for them 

Things may become a little chilly if you don’t approach the topic with the appropriate attitude when you initially ask your spouse whether they’d be open to being in a polyamorous relationship with you. 

They will understand your desire for this kind of connection, though, if you’ve generally agreed on most matters. But before you ever bring up polyamory with your spouse, make sure to let them know how much you appreciate your connection with them and how essential they are to you. 

Keep in mind that this is only a strategy you might use to strengthen their place in your life rather than attempting to bully them into polyamory. Consider others. It’s possible that a spouse will perceive their lack of openness as a weakness. 

  • Initial research questions 

Ask your spouse whether they would be open to discussing it before you go into the meat of your request for this sort of relationship.

Discuss what a polyamorous relationship is. It won’t take you long to understand whether your companion feels uneasy. 

  • Speak out for yourself and steer clear of presumptions 

When discussing the benefits of establishing a sincere relationship, make sure to focus on your own sentiments rather than how the other person is impacting your life. 

Don’t mention how you believe this relationship will free you from your partner’s control, even if you feel restricted. Instead, emphasize how important increased independence is to you. 

  • Recognize the necessity of your polyamorous partnership 

Engaging in this relationship won’t solve any marital problems you may already have. You could even feel a pull away from your lover as a result.

Before you enter into one, read about some polyamorous relationships that actual couples have had to see how it affected them. If you and your partner can’t communicate because of language barriers, your open polyamorous relationship may end. Think deeply about why you might choose to be a polyamorous couple. 


Check out the top dating sites if you believe that the connection is solid and that being open to other people will only make it stronger. You could come across a partner who is game for polyamory.